21 September 2017, Londonskaya Hotel, Odessa, Ukraine

Low commodity markets and tonnage oversupply are now a good reason for both charterers and shipowners to analyze and forecast export cargo flows with most thoroughness. A clear perspective on export potential helps charterers optimize their freight expenses and gives shipowners more accurate risk assessment opportunity.

Charterers, traders, ship operators, owners and brokers are invited to discuss upcoming trends and possible logistic challenges of 2018/2019 Azov and BlSea freight market.



Session 1. Dry cargo export outlook. Existing and emerging cargo flows.
  • Wheat and corn shipments ex Black Sea to SE Asia, Iran and India. Is it possible to boost shipments to these countries in the coming seasons?
  • Production and processing of soya in Ukraine. Should coaster and Handysize owners expect additional cargo volumes?
  • Grain shipments from Black Sea ports to Turkey.
  • Fertilizers shipments. Prospects for the recovery of urea export from Ukraine. Logistic problems and possible solutions for Turkmen and Kazakh exporters.
  • Turkish steels to Southeast Asian countries. Just a short-term splash or promising trade route? Prospects for retaining the Mediterranean market.
  • Demand for coal, scrap and iron ore in Turkey as a main factor of tonnage building up in EMed.
  • Prospects for coal imports in Ukraine. Logistics and chartering features.
Session 2. Dry bulk & General Cargo fleet developments. Risks & prospects in BlSea/Med basin.
  • Handymax/Supramax market developments.
  • Handysize market prospects in BlSea & Med.
  • The need for sea-river fleet renewal. Relations with the Port State
  • War risks and recommendations concerning shipments to/from the ports of Libya, Syria and Yemen.
  • Special topic. Global SOx Emission Cap 2020: switching to high-quality fuels vs exhaust gas scrubber installation and other solutions.
Round Table discussion. Chartering & logistic challenges faced by charterers.
Main focus:
  • The need for reduced disburs in Ukrainian ports to enhance competitiveness of local cargoes;
  • Alternative hedging tools against high volatility of commodity markets. Advantages of using FFA fixtures, future commodity contracts and bunker swaps, as well as period chartering, COA and consecutive voyages.

Igor Kizeev
Project Manager
International Seaborne Market
+38 056 375 79 17